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  • Welcome to the English Language and Literature (ELL) Academic Group of the National Institute of Education, NTU.

    ELL is a department committed to high-quality research and innovative teaching in the areas of Linguistics, Literature and English Teacher Education. We pride ourselves on having a research culture that embraces diversity and multidisciplinary perspectives while also maintaining excellence in our teaching and pedagogy.

    We offer a range of undergraduate (BA / BSc Education) and graduate programmes including pre-service EL teacher certification courses and professional development courses for English Language and Literature teachers. Research-oriented graduate work is offered in our Master of Arts, Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes. As a department, we also host the Teachers’ Language Development Centre (TLDC) which runs communications skills and academic writing courses for all NIE student-teachers as well as professional development courses for English teachers and educators.

    At ELL, we believe in providing a rigorous and intellectually-challenging yet practice-relevant English Teacher education from undergraduate to higher degree levels. Our faculty consists of international scholars engaged in cutting-edge research in a wide variety of areas. Focusing on the theory-practice nexus in education, we are committed to developing and mentoring critically engaged, socially responsible, knowledgeable, and passionate English teachers for the 21st century classroom.

    If you are a prospective undergraduate student interested in becoming an English Teacher, have a look at our BA/BSc (Education) Programmes specializing in Linguistics and/or English Literature.

    If you are a prospective graduate student interested in developing yourself intellectually and professionally as an English educator, have a look at our graduate programmes.

    Head, English Language and Literature

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    Associate Professor
    Poon Mui Cheng, Angelia

  • The Teachers’ Language Development Centre (TLDC) at NIE where we help student teachers develop the English language and communication skills they need for their studies and for their teaching careers.

    Click here for more information.

  • The English Language & Literature academic group (ELL) is a well-established department that has provided rigorous, well-received and relevant professional development courses to English Language and Literature teachers for many years.

    We offer a wide range of Professional Development courses for education professionals, at all stages of their career. These courses focus on developing practical and essential skills and knowledge for teachers in schools. In addition, we can meet specific training needs of the schools through customised in-service courses.

    Through the provision of flexible, part-time or full-time courses, ELL’s Professional Development (PD) aims to help you - and your school – enhance your educational knowledge and widen your teaching repertoire. 

    A full-time Professional Development programme currently being offered is the Advanced Diploma in Primary English Education

    Key Benefits of our PD
    • Close working partnership with schools to ensure that school and learning needs are addressed and met;
    • A sharply-focused course/programme designed to meet specific school/cluster needs;
    • Participation of experienced faculty from ELL with specific expertise in various aspects of English Language and Literature pedagogy and assessment;
    • Provision of follow-up sessions/consultations as required.
    Sample PD Courses


    Course titles Course participants 

    Grammar for Assessment

     EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Understanding grammar – A course for teachers  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Sounds Interesting  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Holistic Assessment performance tasks (Pri 1 & Pri 2)  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Teaching Reading and Viewing  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Teaching Speaking and Representing  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Constructing the narrative: Teaching & planning a
     writing programme within the school curriculum
     EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Infusing Literature and rich texts in the English Language  classroom  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Mastering Reading Comprehension  EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
     Poetry Masterclass: Going beyond the text  Literature Teachers (Secondary)
     Poetry Masterclass: Designing a 21st century poetry  curriculum  Literature Teachers (Secondary)
     Extending School-based Literature Assessment  Literature Teachers (Secondary)
     Developing Reading Skills in the Literature Classroom  Literature Teachers (Secondary)
     Writing in the Literature Classroom  Literature Teachers (Secondary)
     Literature for the A levels  Literature Teachers (Junior College)
     Literature Upgrading Course for Beginning JC Teachers  Literature Teachers (Junior College)
     General paper for the A levels  General Paper (Junior College)
     EL Teachers (Primary)
     EL Teachers (Secondary)
    Collaboration with MOE

    We have jointly planned and offered PD courses together with MOE’s Curriculum Planning & Development Division (EL) and English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS).

    One of these is ELIS’ signature 96-hour Professional Learning Programme (PLP) for EL Teacher Leaders (i.e. Senior teachers, Lead teachers, Key Personnel). This programme aims to enable EL Teacher Leaders without a specialisation in English to become aware of the importance of deepening their Subject Content Knowledge (SCK) in order to teach EL more effectively. It is co-facilitated by our faculty staff and EL Master Teachers.


    For any enquiries regarding professional development, please email Dr. Jason Loh, ELL’s Professional Development programme leader: jason.loh@nie.edu.sg

  • Admission Enquiries

    Our Office of Teacher Education and Office of Graduate Programmes and Professional Learning handle admission enquiries and other related information.

    For those interested in MOE teaching scholarships & awards, and the admission/application procedures for international and full-fee paying applicants, please refer to this link.

    For enquiries related to specific programmes:

    Diploma in Education (DipEd)
    For further enquiries on admission requirements, please email to:

    Bachelor of Arts (Education), Bachelor of Science (Education) & Bachelor of Education (BEd)
    For more information on the undergraduate programmes, please refer to the website by clicking here.

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    Postgraduate Diploma In Education (PGDE)

    For more information on the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), please refer to this link.

    For further enquiries on admission requirements, please email to:

    Higher Degree by Coursework (M.A. & M.Ed.)
    Higher Degree by Research (Ph.D. & M.A.)
    Doctor in Education (Ed.D.)

    For more information on graduate programmes, please refer to this link.

    For further enquiries on admission requirements, please email to:
    edd@nie.edu.sg (for Doctor in Education programmes)
    nieadmpp@nie.edu.sg (for all other programmes)

    Professional Development Courses

    For more information on professional development courses, please refer to this link.

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    Information for Visitors

    ELL welcomes visitors from various institutions who wish to find out more about our programmes and research activities.

    To enquire about a visit, please contact Ms. Valerie Sim (Assistant Head, Public, International and Alumni Relations) at pheilin.sim@nie.edu.sg.