Education Research Funding Programme

The Office of Education Research (OER) in its third tranche of funding, seeks to encourage research in Scaling, Translation and Knowledge Management that may facilitate the synthesis of research findings from projects in different disciplines, as well as develop scalable pedagogical interventions to enable systemic improvement in the education system with a focus on:

Special Focus on (I) Research Focus on Language And Literacy, Bilingualism and Communication; (II) System Studies in Pedagogies & Educational Outcomes – CORE Research; and (III) Programmatic Research

(I)  The first special focus area is on Language And Literacy, Bilingualism and Communication.  In this call, we focus on the broad areas of language and literacy, bilingualism and communication across a wide spectrum from early childhood to adolescent learning. Given the importance of language as a communicative tool and the need for cross-cultural communication in an increasingly connected, and rapidly changing multicultural world, we are interested in the various ways that students learn and use language in a variety of situations and contexts.

(II) The special focus area on System Studies In Pedagogies & Educational Outcomes – CORE Research Program focuses on understanding what goes on and what works in Singapore’s classrooms – more specifically, the instructional core (City, Elmore, Fiarman & Teitel, 2009). It is of interest to the MOE and schools to gain a better understanding of what works in the instructional core in our classrooms and schools as a critical step in the next developmental stage of our education system.

(III) The special focus area on Programmatic Research is defined by an over-arching project research theme which focuses on a key educational issue, problem, phenomena or outcome, along with a number of themes – specific research studies that address important aspects or components of the issue, problem, phenomena or outcome. It therefore has a common strand or focus, supported by a common theoretical framework, and undertakes a coherent, comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to understanding and addressing the issue, problem, phenomena or outcome. For more information about Programmatic Research, please download document here.