Share Your Practicum Experience

Share Your Experience

Keep an open mind and try to learn as much as you can

by Mr Chung Wai Mun Melvyn

I was attached to St Gabriel's Primary School for my practicum and was assigned to teach English Language and Mathematics for two Primary 3 classes – the former is a mixed-ability class while the latter, the top class in the level. In addition, I...

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Those who can teach, DO!

by Ms Aisha Farhana

“Those who can’t do, teach?” I say, “those who CAN teach, DO!” the truth is, not every Tom, Dick and Harry can be a Teacher. It is a profession you cannot be sitting on the fence about, wanting to get in because you did not have a choice or simply...

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Above all -- Attitude matters

by Mrs Maheswari Mohanavelu

I was attached to Yio Chu Kang Primary School for my practicum training. I taught 2 different levels, Primary 2 (English) and Primary 4 (Maths and Science). The dynamics of each level was very unique. My Primary 2 class had already been adopting...

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